5 Top Tips for Managing Sensory Processing Disorder

“I base most of my fashion taste on what doesn’t itch”   Gilda Radner At least 1 in 20 children may be affected by Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD).  I repeat, 1 in 20!  That statistic makes SPD astoundingly common and we wonder why getting our children dressed in the morning causes such tears and tantrums, [...]

6 Top Tips to Successfully Manage a Meltdown

A meltdown is the platform through which children with special needs are able to communicate their fears and anxiety with others. It can be described as a volcanic eruption of stress expressed in the form of shouting and crying, often brought on by sensory overload or tiredness and is an inevitable part of parenting children with special needs.  Though unpleasant [...]


It’s been a very hectic week.  I’ve wanted to write sooner but my time has not been my own.  It has been hijacked by schools, teachers and therapists.  In order to give my children whatever they need I would gladly buy more hours in the day if I was able to, but I have been [...]

The Only Family With Special Needs Kids in the Village?

I laughed every time Daffyd Thomas, played by Matt Lucas, appeared in episodes of Little Britain.  The infamous phrase ‘I’m the only gay in the village’ was born and delivered in hysterical, frustrated tones, highlighting those fragments of prejudice that still exist in our society towards the gay community. When our family moved to a [...]

The Night Before the Launch of A Brief Moment in Time

The Night Before the Launch of A Brief Moment in Time

The past three months have been a whirlwind. The buzz began three months ago, the minute I clicked send on my submission email to my publisher.  My manuscript was complete.  It had been edited and there was nothing else to be done except wait.  Two weeks passed by and I finally received a response by [...]

The Trapeze Artist

I loved going to the circus when I was a child.  It was thrilling sitting in the huge marquee, listening to the noise and watching what any child would consider to be death defying acts.   I still have cravings for toffee apples and candy floss.  I cannot walk past a kiosk without stopping.  Of course, [...]

Autism Awareness Month: What Does it Mean to You?

Autism Awareness Month: What Does it Mean to You?

April 1st.  A great day to start blogging for Mojomums.  I think back to the jokes I have played in honor of April Fool’s Day, the teasing, laughing and joking.  If you’re in the mood to play a prank on someone you know, April 1st is the day to do it. This year, on April [...]

How Do We Define Normal?

‘How come you decided to write a book?’  I have been asked. ‘Where on earth did you find the time?’  Many have quizzed. And ‘Thank you Deborah, thank you for sharing.’  I have been honoured to hear. To bare all, to voice my innermost fears and to share my trials of early parenthood with the [...]

My Beautiful Butterfly

My Beautiful Butterfly

My Beautiful Butterfly ‘Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl sitting by the lake watching the butterflies dance’.   A dress, with this writing, was bought for her birth, At the time I’m not sure I realised its worth. An inspiration to me and my husband because To read and understand it, a [...]