My Beautiful Butterfly

My Beautiful Butterfly

My Beautiful Butterfly

‘Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl sitting by the lake watching the butterflies dance’.


A dress, with this writing, was bought for her birth,

At the time I’m not sure I realised its worth.

An inspiration to me and my husband because

To read and understand it, a question there was…

She certainly is the beautiful girl,

Who sits in a trance,

As the butterflies dance.

Only smiles and delight come from my daughter,

An aura of innocence not one could have taught her.

A picture so perfect,

A person complete.

Being so innocent, a rarity I see…

A peaceful place I would dream to be,

A smile, a look, her eyes wonder free…

But at the same time,

I’m not sure what to say,

You see the butterfly itself has much to convey…

Fluttering softly, she flies…

With no direction

And with no intention

But to satisfy each adoring and watchful eye.

As if she smiles, all colours you can see,

You know by watching that she is free,

From worry or concern,

Not a want or a yearn…

Just free and happy as she flies by,

What a beautiful and unique, little butterfly.

From the butterfly to the girl

I’m not sure what to say…

But I know the truth of God’s clever way,

My daughter is here with no mission to seek,

But to act as an aid to each one she meets…

Helping each one to find the place in there soul,

Where only happiness and peacefulness grow.

These words on this dress written solely for her,

She encompasses both I think I prefer.

A picture of innocence, inside and out,

My beautiful girl…a special unique soul, no doubt.

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