”I am honoured to be asked to write a review and testimonial for this book and its author. I was fortunate to be one of their doctors. These parents coped admirably with many challenges, revealing only in the book how much was going on under the surface. The book outlines the remarkable story of this family, dealing with two children with difficulties, resulting in the reader sharing the tears of the writer.  It is beautifully and strongly written from the heart. We know as doctors how difficult it is to give unwelcome news, but seldom receive feedback about the impact of that process, and of how little throw away comments can have a lifelong impact. I think every parent planning a family should read this, but maybe more importantly every medical student and doctor should read it and learn from it. This is a wonderful family who have had to solve a lot of difficult issues, sometimes by trial and error, and their experience could be of benefit to others who find themselves in equally challenging situations.”

Dr Nathan Hasson, Consultant Paediatrican and Pediatric  Rheumatologist, Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health  

“A Brief Moment in Time strikes just the right note. Deborah French’s tale is both real and readable; her journey through grief and denial, scaling the highs and lows of trial and error, harnessing and trusting her instincts, and tirelessly seeking the right people for her children’s needs serves as a vivid can-do illustration for parents who find themselves in similar circumstances.”

Ellen Notbohm, Author, Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew
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“An absolutely beautiful book. French’s approach to the many challenges encountered when raising two children with special needs is passionate, yet methodical. Clear-sighted evaluations and an innate sensitivity have enabled her to devise a proactive model of behavior management which works. The breakthrough took determination and strength. A guide to the many families who face similar challenges every day and an inspiration to all.” ​

~ Margo Donovan, Teacher, Program Developer, Teacher Trainer for Children with Autism

“In this riveting, inspiring, courageous book, Deborah French puts into words her heart rending journey of emotion and shows us how, in spite of everything she faced and faces, she found and is finding every day, ways to “reach” her kids, ways to get past what her children are and find out who they are. Deborah also shows us how she uses her own common sense and strength to stand up to the challenges of the medical and educational environments across two very different countries.”​

~Benita Rochberger, Pediatric Occupational Therapist

“A Brief Moment in Time has totally touched me and will do others.”​

~Nishan Brown, Gurgle Magazine

“Beautifully written.”​

~Antonia Hoyle, Daily Mail

“So unbelievably moving. Beautifully and evocatively written.”​

~Hadassah Nymark, Blogger/Journalist